By Liz Jansen | August 06, 2020 How To Protect Your Money During Divorce?

What Happens To Your Credit When You Get Divorced?

Getting divorced doesn’t impact your credit score report. Marital status is not linked to your credit but your joint bank account with your spouse and decrement in your household income could lead you to the credit damage. Protect your credit after divorce by following the tips below.

A divorce not only impacts many aspects of two people but also affects the entire family’s life. There are lots of financial responsibilities that are shared by a couple like debts that should be considered during the time phase of divorce. Thankfully, marital status is not counted in the credit report and this factor does not impact your credit score.

During the marital time, couples are authorized as a co-signer or joint-owner of their existing shared bank accounts. When spouses file for a divorce, they are signing away one of two household incomes, which could because of financial strain especially if your ex-spouse earn more. If your divorce is pending in the future, here are some awesome tips for you to protect your credit.

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Deal With Your Joint Accounts

Your credit cards and car loans are some examples of debts that are shared in a marriage, and even on marriage ends, they still need to be paid off. When you are completing your divorce, don’t forget that unsecured or secured debts still exist with your name on the account. During the legal process is going on, judges make the final decision and decide who will be responsible for paying back credit by issuing a divorce verdict once the divorce is final. If you have a civil relationship with your ex-spouse and they know that he/she has a good credit score and income source, a divorce verdict might be in your favor. However, a bitter relationship between two people who are authorized users of each other’s credit accounts could damage your credit score if the credit is mistreated.

The best solution to this problem is, make a good relationship with your ex-spouse. If you can work together to pay off your debts or close existing joint accounts, you both will get lots of benefits of great credit score after divorce. Once your joint accounts with your ex-spouse are closed, call your credit bureau executive and confirm that you won’t need to open them again.

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Reduce Your Expenses and Increase Your Income

Try to concentrate on your personal credit because, after divorce, there are lots of differences in having one income than just two. There may be too much pressure to payback your personal bills and managing your day to day essential things. Systematic management of your expenses and strict commitments to your monthly budget will definitely help you to reduce financial stress.

Your financial status is very crucial when you are going through the divorce process. Spending less money is not an easy task, especially when you’re used to of two incomes. There will be lots of chances of financial mishaps after your divorce takes place. Disposing of small monthly bills will not easy, make sure you have enough money saved and you have to set a good monthly budget. Refinancing your home or selling your unused items are all good ways to save money.

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Manage Your Personal Credit Effectively

After your divorce, your ex-spouse will not care about your financial status like he/she is previously doing. Whole responsibility of your expenses is up to you now and you have to make sure that your monthly payments are completed on time. If the court authorized you on an account assigned to your ex-spouse also, make sure they ‘are making payments carefully. Try to reduce your expense and increase your income to make your payments on time and save your credit. Although divorce does not directly impact your finances, reducing the indirect effects will help you to back on your feet and forwarding your future into brightness.

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