By Payday Mart | August 05, 2020 How To Save Money As A Student Without Working?

How To Save Money As A Student Without Working?

We all know the importance of education in our life and Canadians are lucky enough to live in a country where everyone wants to enroll for their educational courses. In the year of 2016, there approx. over 2 million Canadians were enrolled for post-secondary education and Canada is in the list of top ten most educated countries.

Although education is easily accessible in Canada it doesn’t mean that a vast majority of youths can afford the high-priced education in the Universities or colleges. In a study conducted in Canada stated that students have to spend an average of C$9,300 per year in they were still living at home and around C$20,000 for those who moved away from their home.

Here are exposes some tips to help students for saving money for the things that matter most, like arranging money for your tuition fee or home rent.

Save More Money By Following Underneath Money-Saving Tips

1. Buy new or rent your semester textbooks and sell last semester’s books back,
2. Don’t spend too much money and avoid big purchases,
3. When you’re hungry, avoid going grocery shopping,
4. Cut the habits like smoking and binge drinking which invites expenses,
5. Try to pay bills on time to avoid additional late fees,
6. If you’re credit card holder, pay your dues on time and quickly,
7. Walk and use more public transportation or use bike instead of a car,
8. Live with others to split your monthly rent and utility bills,
9. Consider to choose more basic phone packages or plan that including free incoming calls and texts,
10. Try to go to your campus gym versus a gym in your locality,
11. Make a list of items that you won’t be used longer. There’re lots of websites and stores, where you can sell this unused stuff and earn some,
12. Don’t buy books that need for short-term time, it’s better to check them out from your library,
13. Scarifies your spring holiday break plans and look into alternatives like volunteering, instead.
14. Make your own coffee instead of going to coffee shops, they charge you for making your coffee,
15. Don’t try to purchase music and use free music websites like Spotify or Pandora,
16. Avoid buying high price branded items and purchase generic items or trying to grab an offer or sale as much possible.

Being a student may be stumbled your financial budget and lifestyle but we all know that education importance. Being smart while you’re student can help you to be graduated with one foot forward. If you do not want to compromise with your lifestyle and also manage all expenses bills on time then choose 30 Day Short Term Loans and get money up to C$1500 on the same day!

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