By Liz Jansen | August 06, 2020 I Need A Payday Loans But Keep Getting Declined- Top 5 Reasons Why?

Are you always facing disapproval to your payday loans application? No need to worry because there are lots of ways to improve it. You are not alone, there are around 50% short term loans applications that may decline by the lenders due to some small or big mistakes.

In this post, let we discuss the topmost reasons why your short term payday loans application might be rejected and what you can do to recover from this situation.

Top Most Common Reasons of Payday Loan Disapproval are:

  • Previous borrowing history
  • Week employment status
  • Identification verification problem
  • Loan affordability or credit check declines
  • Sign loan agreements with other lenders
  • Not providing valid address and bank information

It is good that your lender disapproved your payday loans application, as it shows that your lender is responsible and not offering money to everyone, mainly to those borrowers who can’t afford loan repayments in the future.

Facing rejection by a lender? Here are some reasons why your application is rejected.

If the lender declines your payday loans application then it is rather good, as it shows that your lender is responsible. They do not offer money to those who are unable to afford it later. So, keep in mind that good lenders always think good for their customers.

You’re jobless

The main reason for your payday loans disapproval is your unemployment and lack of regular income. When you are applying for online instant payday loans in Canada, you will have to sign up an agreement with your lender. They lend you money and you have to pay back it with interest on due your agreed due date. It would be very risky for them to approve a loan of an unemployed person, so there are higher possibilities of disapproval such applications.

You’re a bad credit scorer

Borrowers who secured bad credit score have more chances to face the disapproval of their payday loans application. Well, this is because of some factors that associated with bad credit score like such applicants cannot paying their dues on time, borrowing too much money and maybe default on their previous loan. These all bad things can’t make anyone a good applicant for applying to payday loans online.

Frequent borrower

If you are a frequent borrower then it can be easily fixed. Make sure that you don’t take more than one payday loans in a short frame of time. The best way is to save more money and spends less. In this way, you can steadily manage your finances and will apply for a loan only in urgent situations.

Having no regular income

There are two types of working people, one that gets paid into directly into their bank account and second, those people who do not sign any contract and get their payments in hand instead of a bank account. The benefit of the second method is that they earn tax-free income, but they do not have any proof there income and employment.  Without any evidence of employment, no payday loans company are approved your application as they have no trust in your ability of loan repayment.

You’re a gambler

Yes, it is true, payday loans lender can disapprove your loan request if they will know that you are better. Even, you do not need to be a hard-core gambler to get declined. If your bank statement showing that you are investing your money into gambling sites, then they won’t approve you for their loan services. Does it is moral that a responsible payday loans lender can give you thousands of dollar to invest them in these type of illegal task? No, of course not!

Bottom Line:

Here are the top 5 reasons behind your payday loans application disapproval. You have to make sure before the loan application, that all the minimum requirements are met by you. This is the perfect method of getting guaranteed payday loans online. Sometimes lenders reject your loan request just because of your small mistakes like wrong age and residency details. If you feel that you met all the minimum requirements, but still facing payday loans rejection, it’s time to check the above reasons.