By Liz Jansen | August 06, 2020 What Are The Proven Money Saving Tips For Students In Canada?

We all know that college life is very expensive- agree? Between your education period, you need to manage your housing, food, social life, and many other college activities. To pay-off all their expenses, many students taking out debts that they can’t able to payback.

But, do you know there are lots of ways to save money during your college/school period? Yes, we are here to shows you some best-proven tips about “Money saving tips for students”. Just follow them, and you could be aware of how to spend your die-hard money effectively and save some penny for your future.

Don’t buy new books, try used books.

Buying new books at your college on a new semester can cost you too much; there are lots of good alternatives that you can opt for and save money. You can borrow books from your friend or neighbor, or you can check some online websites like First Tutors. Both can help you to rent textbooks and in your college semester.

If you can’t able to follow the above tip, then you can do one thing is that compare prices of used books at your college bookstore or Amazon, and buy them.

Participate into your college activities.

Entertainment is very important for our active lifestyle, but you know going out for a concert or movie can quickly drain your money? Yes, it is true; most of the colleges organize lots of events, movie nights, dance parties, and live music concerts. Be a part of these events with your friends, and save money.

Make your own food.

Instead of taking your lunch, breakfast, and dinner from outside, tries to make them at your home. If you are coffee lovers then avoid expensive coffee shops and make it yourself. If you are a late riser, prepare everything at night before, it will save your time and money both.

Be smart with your credit card.

We all know that credit cards are very useful when we need quick money. There are numerous reasons why credit card companies open both at the college campus- students are easy targets! Having a credit card is good, but it is important that you use it responsibly and under your budget. If you have a credit card, try to use it only for emergencies and then pay all the outstanding dues immediately.

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Don’t buy music, listen it free!

Don’t buy music on iTunes, it cost you much. Try to use free music services from Spotify and Pandora.

Use discount coupons for dinner.

Going out for dinner is not bad, but do it with care. Take the advantages of offers like buy one get one free, or dine at discounted days especially in the festive season. You can search over the internet for your restaurant coupons and save money, instead of soda, try plain drinking water with your meal. It’s better and also saves money.

You don’t need gym membership.

Mostly colleges offer free gym and athletic area for students to use. If your college does not support such activities, try to go running every morning.

Carry your own water bottle.

To be hydrated is not costly; you can save money on it by ignoring to buying a water bottle every time. Skip all these costly water bottle, and fill up your bottle with water fountain.

Try to wash your clothes yourself.

At college life, chances of paying to laundry are more. You can save hundreds of dollars by avoiding laundries, so always try to wash more clothes yourself as much as at once.

Don’t be with spenders.

Everyone will not be the same financially; some have lots of money while others have not so much. It is very hard to survive with those friends who aren’t worried about spending money. Make sure that your friends know that you are saving money, and having a tight budget. It is very important that your friends understand your current situation, and would not pressurize you financially.

These all above money-saving tips are always helping those students who want to save money for a specific goal or rainy days. Small changes in your lifestyle can save enough money for your better tomorrow.

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