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We all know that having kids in our family is very important but childcare is expensive too. Buying food, diapers, medicines are much costlier nowadays. The Canadian government ruled to give a child tax benefits, but it's not enough. So families have to look for an external to borrow money.

Unfortunately, Banks are having very strict rules of lending and requirements, and private lending is not even good as they lend you more for sure, but with huge interest. According to a survey conducted in Canada reported that it cost approx. $210000 to raise a child until they're 18 years old!

We receive lots of questions every day about Child Tax Loans and the application processes. One of our borrowers asked that" Will I eligible to apply for a loan if I'm receiving Child Tax Benefits?" Well, the answer to this question is YES now, here we explain briefly:

What is the Child Tax Benefits Canada?

Simply, the Child Tax Benefits Canada is a type of benefits scheme providing by the Canadian government to the families or single parents who have a child or children under the age of 18 years. On 20th July 2016, some changes are implemented to improve this program are mentioned below:

  • Less Complicated Procedure: Now families receive a specific amount of funds per month, over a time period of 12 months.
  • Different Level of Payment: Families with lower income will receive the more substantial amount of funds as compared to those with higher income.
  • Now Benefits Amount Is Increased: An average up to $2,300 for 2016-17.
  • Benefits Are Tax-Free: Child Tax Benefits families and parents will not have to pay taxes when they filling their income tax return.

Along with these changes implemented on Child Tax Benefits, a more accurate benefit calculator is issued by Canadian Revenue Agency in which parents required to fill their personal information to get more precise calculation results of much money they receive from benefits.

To access the Canada Revenue Agency's Child and family benefits calculator, visit their website.

Why I Need A Child Tax Benefit Loans?

  • Dental Care: In kids, new teeth are grown and old one is falling out. Is dental care is so expensive in Canada? Even you have a dental plan; it'll only cover a small percentage of your overall expenses. By applying for Payday Mart's child tax benefits loans make sure that enough cash is available in your pocket for dental emergencies.
  • Bills: Payday Mart's child tax benefits loans help you to pay-off all your missing payments, debts, fees and penalties associated the with late payment of bills.
  • Automotive Repair: Maintain your car is very important especially in emergencies. Replacing oil, checking engine and changing tries are costlier tasks and need money. If you avoid maintaining your car, it might be a problematic situation for you.
  • Childcare/Babysitting: Even if you love your children, it is not possible to spend each and every minute with them. You need a break like watching a movie, go to a restaurant or maybe for your Yoga classes. If you want time for yourself, you have to appoint a babysitter and for that our child tax loans provide funds!
  • Appliance Repair: Your kids want grilled cheese lunch, but the kitchen stove is out of work. Don't make your lovable kids sad and take the funds from Payday Mart's child tax benefits loans to fix your stove.

Payday Mart's Child Tax Benefits Loans Quick FAQs

Do you provide child tax benefits loans to the bad credit applicants?

Yes- is a specialized Canadian lending firm for bad credit applicants. Our loans procedures can't use checking of credit score or credit report. By receiving a regular income or benefits, you are totally eligible to apply for our online loans.

If I am unemployed, can I apply for child tax benefits loans?

Employment is not required for our loans. We are welcome to accept income from benefits, pension and of course, child tax benefits to apply for our online cash loans same day payout.

How much do you lend?

You can get our online cash loans on child tax benefits from anywhere and anyplace ranging from C$100 up to C$1500 within 15 minutes.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply?

In order to apply for our child tax benefits loans, you have to match the following:

  • Be at least 18 years or above,
  • Valid bank account,
  • Income/benefit proof,
  • Valid Canadian/USA ID
  • SIN

In which location you offer Child Tax Benefits Loans?

Payday Mart serving their online services including child tax benefits loans to all over Canada, but some main province are:

  • Child Tax Loans Ontario
  • Child Tax Loans Winnipeg
  • Child Tax Loans BC (British Columbia)
  • Child Tax Loans Alberta
  • Child Tax Loans Manitoba
  • Child Tax Loans Saskatchewan and much more…

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