Are Guaranteed Loans Real?

Your chances of getting payday loans with a 100% guarantee are not possible. It is because no lenders or banks have permission to offer guaranteed loans unless the borrowers meet all the eligibility criteria. Payday loans are like bank loans, and it means lenders can't issue such loans without performing some simple checks or affordability checks.

We know that there are lots of Canadians who have bad credit and can't get approval for traditional bank loans, and at last, they choose private lenders. Payday loans Canada is a superb way of finding yourself during emergencies, such short term cash loans offer from C$100 up to C$5000 to cover all your expenses on time. When you are facing the awful situation, and need cash, these easy guaranteed payday loans can help you.

Your lender can give you 100% guaranteed payday loans, but you need to meet the basic eligibility criteria of the payday loans mentioned below:

  • Your age must be 18 years or above,
  • You must hold the Canadian citizenship,
  • You must earn a regular income from job or benefits.

There are many websites over the internet that advertises "Guaranteed Payday Loans" but in reality, it is not possible unless you meet the above criteria. Do not attract with the word "Guaranteed Loan" you must also check the approval rate of your lender.

What Do You Mean By Approval Rate?

Our incorporate payday lenders at Payday Mart have a 98.9% loan approval rate, which means you have enough 98.9% chances of getting payday loans guaranteed approval Canada. But you must meet the eligibility criteria to get this chance.

Currently, if 100 applicants correctly fill our application form, only 3-4 applicants are rejected and this is due to their small errors such as; lack of basic information, spelling mistakes, etc. Please keep in mind that, before submitting your loan application, it must be fully complete with correct details to get guaranteed payday loan approval.

How Are Payday Mart Provide 98.9% Loan Approval Rate?

Our guaranteed payday loans no matter what Canada, is a excusive loan service and there are many reasons how can Payday Mart offering 98.9% loan approval rate to their applicants, some are mentioned below:

  • We have a simple, clear, and trouble-free online application process that automatically reduces the chances of errors.
  • We are incorporated with thousands of payday loans direct lender in Canada, who are ready to consider your application fast. The vast availability of lenders increases the possibility of matching a loan.
  • We are not interested to make money by charging huge brokerage fees from our applicants, so our services are free of cost. This is why we offer payday loans online at best interest rates.

How You Can Enhance Your Chances of Getting Guaranteed Payday Loans Canada?

As we already discussed that guaranteed online payday loans practically does not exist. But you can follow some steps and improve your chances of getting approval to these emergency payday loans. These steps are mentioned below:

Check before apply that you are eligible for loan or not

You can increase your chances of getting guaranteed approval payday loans in Canada by ensuring that you can meet the basic eligibility criteria of the loan. There are lots of direct lenders in Canada that are ready to lend them money to anyone, who can meet their requirements.

The basic eligibility to qualify for payday loans is 18 years or more age, steady source of income, and citizenship of Canada.

Make sure your submitted information is correct

It is right that meeting the eligibility criteria can increase your chance of getting guaranteed loans, but it also required that you must submit the correct information into your loan application form. For instance, you must submit your real name, DOB, home address, phone/mobile number, ID details, etc.

Keep in mind that guaranteed payday loans Canada are meant for short term emergency cash needs, so it is very important to double ensure before submitting your loan application that the information is correct, and it is related to you.

Meet the affordability checks

Our all incorporate direct lenders offer guaranteed approval loans for poor credit Canada, but affordability checks are a part of their process. Don't worry, it is not like a credit check; simply they want to see that you can afford the loan repayment comfortably or not.

Affordability checks are examined on the basis of information like your income and expenses, and a responsible lender uses these all information to know if you can afford your loan or not. Your chances of getting guaranteed approval loans for poor credit become low if you borrow the money more than you can afford to repay it comfortably.

Borrow money as per your requirements

If you are looking for "guaranteed online payday loans", then make sure you are applying for a small amount of money as per your needs. This is because lenders approval small loans more, due to the low risk associated with them.

For instance, if one applicant applied for C$5000 and another borrower applied for C$10000, the preference of loan approval is given to C$5000 because it is less risky. Furthermore, never borrow money more than your ability to repaying. It hurts your credit score and also lowers the chances of getting loan approval.

How Does Payday Mart™ Compare?

How much can I borrow? Up to C$5000No hidden charges/fees
Chances of approval? 98.9%Highest industry approval rate
What are the repayment terms?2- 24 MonthsPaperless Process
How I apply? Online 2-3 min application
Do I need to pay full amount? No Easy repayments

Breaking The Cycle: Bridge The Gap Between Paydays

Every month, many Canadians have faced emergency expenses, and they need fast cash to manage these outgoings on time. A vast majority of people in Canada searching for payday loans bad credit guaranteed approval, to effectively cover all such monthly costs. Payday Mart understands this condition, and that's why offer guaranteed approval payday loans to cover all monthly unexpected financial events.

You just need to choose the amount you want to borrow and the money into your bank account within 10-15 minutes. The repayment of the loan is done on your next paycheck arrival. Our these bad credit installment loans guaranteed approval Canada are mostly used to cover up all the monthly utility bills like rent, car repair, household bills, and home repair, etc.

A survey conducted in Ontario, Canada stated that around 75% of residents accept that guaranteed payday loan Canada much easy and best option to get money in an emergency. They don't want to contact with traditional banks for a loan and consider such fast payday loans for money.

Payday Mart In Every Province of Canada

Payday Mart is an exclusive and trustworthy payday loans website for the Canadians. We strive to provide the best payday loan services to our customers who want quick cash. With our guaranteed loans no matter what Canada, borrowers can get instant funds to help in any province of Canada.

As a responsible website, we advise all our customers to take your finances very seriously. Try to manage your monthly expenses wisely, and don't indulge in deep debt, pay-off your loan repayment on time and build credit score.

If you want guaranteed loans Canada from C$100 to C$5000 for your emergencies, never hesitate and go to our application form right now!

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