Am I Eligible for Payday Mart Loan?

Payday Mart™ taps its shoulder on being incorporate with responsible short term and installment lenders. Borrowers who can afford our loans are welcome to apply!

There are some circumstances below that might affect your application processes.

Your Credit Is BAD

Payday Mart payday loans are meant for the Canadian people with different types of credit histories. We believe that your current financial situation such as income, expenditures are more important than a past credit score. Therefore, Payday Mart only conducts soft credit check, but with checking your loan affordability. If you not afford the Payday Mart loans, you will not able to qualify for it.

Not a Canada Citizen

If you are not a Canada citizen, you will be not approved for Payday Mart loan services

You Are Under 18 Years

You must be 18 years or above to get short term payday loans from Payday Mart. Minors are unable to payback their loan and it illegal to give them loan. So we can't lend you money if you under 18 years.

You Are Jobless

We and our all lenders are responsible, we are not lending the money to those who are unemployed and earn nothing.

If You Don't Have a Bank Account

We are pay directly to borrower's own bank account, so it is very important to have an active, valid bank account. If you don't have a bank account, sorry we can't lend you the money.

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