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General Questions

Who is Payday Mart?

Payday Mart is here to change the way of people to borrow money. We are working for the Canadian people from the year 2017 to help them to achieve their financial goals. We understand that taking a loan from banks is very hard and frustrating. Today, we provide approx. 340,000 loans to the Canadian people.

Is Payday Mart a payday lender?

No, Payday Mart is working as a free payday loan matching service to the Canadian people. You can get all your payday solution under one roof by most trusted and direct lenders exclusively from Canada.

What loan products are you offer?

Payday Mart exclusively offers Payday Loans related services, and other financial services.

Rates and Terms

Are there early payment penalty and origination fees?

No, Payday Mart never charges early prepayment penalty and no origination fees. The only thing that would be charged is your loan interest. A transparent fee structure is our first priority.

Applying For a Loan

Am I eligible for loan?

To eligible for the loan with Payday Mart, you need to have an active and valid bank account, age must be 18 or above. We look at other factors also when we making a final decision on your loan application such as your income and repayment history. Adverse credit score is not an issue with us.

Can my spouse apply for a loan?

Yes, but after you fully settle your loan because we are able to process one loan per household. Your spouse can apply for a loan after 30 days or after your loan full payment.

Can I use co-signer?

No, Payday Mart does not allow co-signers.

Is collateral is required?

No, our all loan services are unsecured, and Payday Mart does not required collateral.

How soon can I reapply for a loan after being declined?

If this happen, you can reapply for a loan with after 30 days.

Is credit score important?

No, our final loan decision is based on loan affordability of the borrower, not on credit score.

How quickly can I get my funds?

We direct transfer funds into your bank account as soon as possible. Most of our borrowers are funded within 15 minutes.

How can I use my loan amount?

You are free to use your loan amount for any type of legal personal use. Use it for consolidate loan, wedding, or fix your car.

Loan Payment

How can I repay my loan?

We believe that loan repayments must be smooth like loan applying process. This is why; we give the convenience to customers of an automatic payment solution. On your loan due date, payment are automatically deducted from your bank account. That way, you never miss to pay your loan payments.

Can I make additional payment of my loan?

Yes, you can make additional payments of your loan.

Can I set up payments through my online bank pay system?

Our payments are made through Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs). Your loan payments are automatically debited from your personal bank account on due date. You cannot schedule manually through online bank pay system.

What if I can't able to make payment of my loan or default on my loan?

We care our customers and if you failed to arrange the repayments of your loan, simply contact us to discuss a better way.

Is there penalty of paying my loan earlier?

No, there are no extra charges or penalty to repaying your loan earlier.


How fast will I get my money?

Approving loan fast and funding our customer on same day is our first priority. Once you are approved, we will notify you via email or mobile text. The funds are dispatched on same day from our side, and you will get it into your bank account within 15 minutes (as per your financial institution).

Personal Information

Is it safe to share my banking details with Payday Mart?

Payday Mart™ using most secure servers from Godaddy™ which brings topmost security to their hosted websites. You need not to worry about your banking details because it is our responsibility to keep them confidential from outer world.

What does Payday Mart do with my personal information?

At Payday Mart, our first priority is to keep safe the personal data of our customers. We use highest grade SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and web servers to fully ensure the security. Misusing or selling our customers personal date is not our business.

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