Guaranteed payday loans no matter what in Canada are the loans where direct lenders always advertise about the "100% Guaranteed" of the loan approval. But the sad thing is that there is no such type of "Guarantee loan" exists in the real world.

In reality, applicants have to meet some basic requirements for the loan approval, and if they can't do it, the applicant is disapproved of the loan. Every trustworthy and valid licensed guaranteed payday loan direct lender in Canada follows this rule.

At Payday Mart™ we, not 100% claimed about guaranteed online payday loans but can maximize your chances of getting payday loans with easy approval. Our 100% guaranteed loans in Canada increase the probability of getting your loan even with a bad credit profile.

We offer guaranteed approval loans for poor credit in Canada where the applicant's past credit history is not checked. If the borrower has the potential to repay the loan on time, they can get from C$100 to C$5000. It means, if you are turned down for the traditional bank loans, don't worry apply at

Key features of Instant Guaranteed Loans

While there are no guaranteed approval payday loans in Canada, the alternative option is guaranteed payday loans from Payday Mart™. Some key features of these loans are:

  • Maximum C$5000 funds approved,
  • Flexible repayment options over 3-6 months,
  • No guarantor or co-signer required,
  • Payday loans from direct Canadian lenders,
  • Bad credit histories considered and,
  • Funds outcome within few minutes.

What are Guaranteed Payday Loans?

In simple words, guaranteed approval payday loans meant where lenders always provide "100% Guarantee" for loan approval. But in the real world, such loans seem like fantasy because most of the responsible payday lenders cannot offer a guarantee.

There are many rules in Canada for payday loans and every responsible lender must follow them for customers' rights protection. Payday Mart also working in this direction and we only offer our loan services to those borrowers who have the potential to repay them on time. This is very important in responsible lending because we don't want our customers to fall into the debt cycle.

If you search on Google (Canada), you find lots of payday loan direct lenders that offer guaranteed loans. Even if you have, poor credit score, you still have the chance for bad credit loans in Canada with guaranteed approval.

Generally, if you can demonstrate a regular source of income or government benefits to the lender, you can get guaranteed approval loans in no time.

Where to get Guaranteed Payday Loans?

Generally, there are three types of places for getting loans. Traditional banks, traditional lenders, and third is private lenders. All of them have their own rules and regulations related to their loan services.

If you try for a loan from traditional banks, the level of "Guaranteed" will be approval very low. They only want applicants with good credit scores and income sources, so if you don't have this, you might be rejected for a loan.

On average, traditional loans are better in terms of approval rates, approx. 50%-60% of loans are approved, but still not in the range of "Guaranteed Approval". So, where you can get the guaranteed loans? The answer might be modern private lenders.

Modern private lenders are close to this phrase "guaranteed payday loans no matter what". With such lenders, the approval rate is around 70%-80% in some cases. Even though there are still chances of being rejected for a loan, but at very low.

The reasons behind the popularity of online loans are due they are easy to obtain and loan processing is faster. The majority of getting money from payday loans for bad credit with guaranteed approval is higher because they are unsecured, and even approved on poor credit score.

Even if, those people who are turned down for the bank loans can apply for guaranteed online payday loans and get same-day funds. You only need to meet the basic eligibility requirements and have the potential for loan repayments.

Guaranteed Payday Loans For Bad Credit- Is it possible?

Yes, at Payday Mart, we offer bad credit loans with guaranteed approval and it means you have the chances of getting guaranteed approval loans for poor credit histories. Even though, there is no such thing as "100% Guaranteed Loans", but you can get instant decision loans.

We take a step further and introduced an advanced automated application system based on Artificial Intelligence. Customers who applied at Payday Mart get instant approval on their loan application, all thanks to modern technology.

Even if your eligibility for payday loans in Canada with no credit check is not based on your previous credit history, but you must have the intention to repay your loan on time. You also need to make sure that your lender is a licensed holder and follows responsible lending regulations.

If you want loan from Payday Mart, you need to match the following criteria:

  • Age must be 18 years of age,
  • Must be Canadian citizen or permanent residence,
  • Earn regular income or government benefits,
  • Valid Canadian bank account holder,
  • Must have active mobile number and email address and,
  • Can afford to make their loan repayments.

Bad credit profiles are accepted and there is no credit check process is included, that's why higher chances of getting loan approval. These features make them closer to guaranteed payday loans in Canada.

Is it possible to get Payday Loans For Unemployed?

Yes, guaranteed payday loans for the unemployed on benefits in Canada are available. These loans are specially introduced for those individuals who are jobless and living on government benefits.

If you are looking for payday loans for the unemployed that are approved on government benefits, you must have a stable income based on your benefits. Your earning must be sufficient to cover your loan repayments. Social welfare, unemployment insurance, the Canadian Child Benefit, and other types of government benefits are acceptable.

If you are living off government benefits, then it is good, otherwise, apply for a suitable benefits program that matches your criteria.

Boost your chances 97.6% for loan approval

Getting approval for payday loans is easy, no matter what your credit score is achieved by you in the past. These are short-term loans and lenders know that they are under less risk, so they quickly approve loans. On the other hand, standard banks focus more on credit histories and having strict rules for loan approval.

Just like any other type of loan, there are few steps that you follow and increase your chances for guaranteed payday loan Canada. For instance, before you start applying for loans, you must check lenders' eligibility criteria. The best way is to apply for payday loans guaranteed approval through Payday Mart, and rest we will do the hard work of finding a lender for you.

Other ways of improving your chances for a loan are mentioned below:

  • Check Eligibility Criteria: Even though most of the eligibility requirements for payday loans in Canada are the same, but some lenders might have more requirements than others. Make sure that you can meet the all requirements to avoid application disapproval.
  • Properly Fill Application: Before starting your loan application, collect all the required documents and keep them in you. Don't rush and make sure you answer all the questions accurately.
  • Improve Credit Score: If your credit score is low or bad, try to improve it by using some easy tips like regularly check your credit report for errors and don't miss your payments. Usually, a credit score is not affecting your online payday loans guaranteed approval, but still, it is important.

Practically, guaranteed loans are just a myth, but there are loans available at Payday Mart that offer the highest approval, fast funding, trusted services. We do not claim false 100% guaranteed loan advertisements and provide 97.8% loan approval to you.

Applying with us not only saves your time but also matches you with lenders that are likely to approve you for payday loans. Additionally, due to no credit check, these loans become restriction-free and hence, make them almost "Guaranteed Loans".

Find out if you can get approved for payday loans guaranteed or not!

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